a person
with dyslexia encounters difficulties deciphering written words

a qerson mith byslexia encounters bifficulties beciqhering mritten mords

With MYdys Edu,
academic success for students with dyslexia
is just an app away

CES 2023 Innovation Award

a person
with dyslexia encounters difficulties deciphering written words

a qerson
mith byslexia encounters bifficulties beciqhering mritten mords

Use your smartphone or tablet to scan any words—on a screen or document—and the MYdys Edu app will instantly make it easier to read and understand.

Innovation Awards Honoree at the CES2023 in Las Vegas, the tech world’s most influential event.

One app helps tackle all dyslexia-related challenges:

Adjusts font size and customizes spacing of words, letters & lines

Highlights and color-codes of letters and numbers most commonly inverted (i.e. “9” and “6”, or “d” and “b”)

Changes background and font color for contrast

Offers voice synthesis of text

Translates into 21 languages, and compatible with complex alphabets

Shares adapted text via print and email

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They are convinced by MYdys

« As a school principal, I have recognized the value of this application for dyslexic students. MYdys makes reading in the classroom easier for them. It's a high-quality educational tool that contributes to reducing academic failure and supports the vision of a truly inclusive school. »

Bertrand Gaufryau

Principal of Armand David High School, Hasparren FRANCE

« The MYdys application has allowed my child and my students to have texts tailored to their difficulties, thanks to the tool's customization. Moreover, it's intuitive and easy to use, so everyone can use it at home. A real gem! »

Carine Sallefranque

Mother of dyslexic children - 2nd-grade teacher FRANCE

« For me, MYdys is a revolutionary application, whether it's for reading an inaccessible administrative letter, a magazine, a book, or an explanatory panel at exhibitions »

Aurélie Renard-Vignelles

Multidys and founder of 6FoisDys FRANCE

" MYdys is very easy for everyone to understand. The ability to translate texts into different languages is appreciated by the teaching assistants and our students. Not to mention the ability to print directly from the application, zoom in for visually impaired students, and share documents. Looking forward to the next school year! "

Sandrine Babin

School Life Assistant FRANCE

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MYdys is available on Android and iOS, and can be installed on tablet, mobile and any other connected device (iPad, Surface, Galaxy, S6...). The application is compatible from iOS 12 and from Android 5.1.

A license is linked with a device.
If you wish to benefit from the MYdys Edu solution for all dyslexic students in your school, we will adapt our pricing to fit your needs. Please see pricing in the next question.

Once the license expires, the application switches to the free version entitling you to 30 credits per month. You can upgrade to the premium version at any time in the App store? Anywhere else?

The monthly subscription decreases as you subscribe to more licences.

Number Price
up to 10 licenses $ 5.99
11 - 50 licenses $ 5.49
51 - 100 licenses $ 4.99
101 - 500 licenses $ 4.49
over 500 licenses Custom - please contact

Billing is for a full year.
Each year the commitment is made by tacit renewal on the basis of the number of licenses invoiced in year N-1 (to be confirmed at the start of each period)

For technical questions, please contact [email protected].
For Sales, partnership inquiries, and all other questions, please contact us.

The Protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is a paramount concern for FACIL'iti. You can find detailed information on our PII Policy on this page: MYdys Privacy policy.