With MYdys,
reading and understanding
a text
becomes easier

Snap a picture of a text and personalize it according to your settings.

Free test:

For children and adults with dyslexia

An application to instantly read, translate and listen to all types of texts

Doing homework, reading a restaurant menu, understanding a sign at the museum… MYdys by FACIL’iti makes it easy to read all types of texts, everywhere, from a simple photo.

At work
At home
How does it work?

Using MYdys is very simple:

Snap a picture of the text you need to adapt
Select your features
Enjoy easy reading!
Awarded at the CES Innovation Awards 2023

A complete application that helps people with dyslexia

MYdys offers a free version including many reading assistance features:

text customization
(choice of font, size, spacing of characters, lines and words)

highlight confusing letters and numbers

• vocal synthesis
• color customization
• text translation in 21 languages

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes MYdys captures small texts and allows them to be enlarged for easier reading.

Absolutely ! MYdys can make it easier for everyone to read, everywhere and on all types of media containing text.

The free version of MYdys offers 30 credits per month to each user, i.e. 30 customizable texts. If you have exhausted your credits, you can choose the “Discovery” offer (600 credits per month) or the “Premium” offer with 10,000 credits. Go to the app to get more credits!

Yes many new features are coming soon… Stay tuned!

The Protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is a paramount concern for FACIL'iti. You can find detailed information on our PII Policy on this page: MYdys Privacy policy.